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In addition to the common aspects of document delivery legislation that are addressed by REACH Delivery. The following is a summary of some of the key aspects of the REACH Legislation, current 2012/2013, regarding document delivery and the corresponding capabilities of REACH Delivery to ensure that compliance is maintained.

 The positive duty to actually deliver the SDS

REACH states that the supplier of chemicals now has a positive duty to actually deliver the SDS to their customers. They may no longer make them available passively or upon request. Click here to see more


 The conditions under which an SDS must be updated

The supplier also has a positive responsibility to update and re-deliver, without delay, any SDS that has been changed with new information, restrictions or authorisations to any customer, supplied within the previous 12 months and alert the recipient of the update. Click here to see more.


 Obligation to maintain audit records

Companies are required to keep available all the information they require to carry out its duties under REACH for a period of at least 10 years after they last manufactured, imported, supplied or used the substance or preparation.   Click here to see more


 The requirement to make certain information available to

workers / staff

Employers must ensure that employees are provided with access to any safety data sheets and relevant information (e.g. exposure scenario). This requirement extends to all relevant employees and is information that must be maintained for at least 10 years (see above)  Click here to see more


 When exposure scenarios are required

Required exposure scenarios should be attached as an annex to the SDS, and delivered and updated as part of the SDS. Click here to see more.







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