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In addition to the common aspects of document delivery legislation that are addressed by REACH Delivery. The following is a summary of some of the key aspects of the OHS Act Legislation in South Africa regarding document delivery and the corresponding capabilities of REACH Delivery to ensure that compliance is maintained.

The South African OHS - Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993 and its Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations of 25 August 1995, gives effect to the SA Constitutional Right to an environment that is not detrimental to the health and well being of citizens, it also provides for responsibilities of persons.

 The positive duty to actually deliver the SDS

OHS Act states that the supplier of chemicals now has a positive duty to actually deliver the SDS to anyone that comes into contact with hazardous materials or compounds. That will include your customers, your employees and anyone involved in the shipment of chemicals such as drivers.   Click here to see more


 The requirement to make Safety information available to
     workers / staff

Employers must ensure that employees are provided with access to information from Material Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenarios. This requirement extends to all relevant employees that come in to contact with hazardous materials. Click here to see more.


 The Material Safety Data Sheet must be kept updated

The supplier also has a positive responsibility to update and re-deliver, any Material Safety Data Sheet that has been changed with new information, restrictions or authorisations etc.   Click here to see more


 The requirement to ensure that the employer is in
     receipt of the necessary safety information

Employers must ensure that the company is in receipt of the necessary safety information from their suppliers and that employees and all relevant personnel that assist in the business are provided with access to that information   Click here to see more







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