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REACH Delivery will help you to maintain compliance with legislation such as REACH in Europe, OSHA, EPCRA in the US, and many other pieces of health and safety related legislation worldwide; anywhere that the assured and audited delivery of documents and files are required.


Document Delivery Compliance


As is required by many pieces of international and domestic legislation related to the chemical industry, REACH requires that the supplier is now responsible for actually delivering the Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenarios to their customers (and CEFIC suggests it is advisable to keep records of such delivery). Suppliers are also responsible for keeping their customers updated with any changes, clarifications etc. And all companies have a responsibility to ensure that safety information of this type is accessible by all personnel within their own organization that may come into contact with the chemical or material in question.







REACH Delivery will ensure the delivery to, and receipt by, your customers of Safety Data Sheets, Exposure Scenarios and other important documents and files.

It helps you maintain your own operations, by ensuring the use of only the most current critical information across all relevant personnel throughout the organization.

It allows you not only to comply with legislation, but to also demonstrate compliance by proving delivery, receipt and access of documents and information by your customers and company personnel

It can help address possible legal action as audit trails are able to prove receipt by customers and staff (with time and date, version numbers etc.)

It dramatically cuts the time and cost of administration in all aspects of sending, receiving, version control etc.

Are you really compliant with email or post?  Email and post do not monitor the status and confirm successful delivery of the Safety Data Sheets and do not guarantee or record proof of delivery and both incur significant time and costs in administration and management. And there are no audit capabilities, sufficient to demonstrate compliance or to provide protection in the event of legal action.




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