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To use the service you need to complete a small ‘client’ download.  This downloadable user interface provides for:

A secure communication link to the central repository

The ability to access and read encrypted documents

Local documents for off-line operations

Secure access to the Reach Delivery functionality

The download and the use of the Reach Delivery service (to receive documents) is completely free of charge. Users may upgrade to the "Professional" version (to send documents) at any time.


REACH Delivery will operate on almost all standard Windows based PC's or laptops or tablets (Windows 8 and above). 


A detailed summary of the technical requirements and other system information appears below.



Client System Requirements and System Information



1.8 GHz or faster processor

Microsoft® Windows® 11 and 10, (also supported on Windows® 8 and above), ®

.NET Framework 2.0 or above (if not previously installed simply use "turn on windows features" on any Windows PC)

4GB of RAM (or above)

at least 100mb of available hard-disk space for installation

Internet connection required for online services



Additional Notes on Installation




Application runs in the system tray, symbol is an envelope

Requires administration authority to install on users machine

Delivery is via download from URL delivering an installer of approximately 6mb

REACH Delivery provides a secure communication link to the central repository

REACH Delivery ensures that all documents are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption using industry standard algorithm.  Encryption takes place at the user machine so all transmissions are of encrypted files.

All software is ESET scanned at creation




Additional local storage required only if REACH Delivery selected to store documents offline



TCP Port 80

http internet access protocol
https used for installer download



This product will allow you to access the REACH Delivery service that operates on an Azure cloud computing environment utilising Amazon storage, provided you have a Internet connection. The ‘Client’ download provides for a communication link to central repository, the ability to access and read encrypted documents and access to server side functionality. Documents are only downloaded upon request. Use of the online services is governed by separate terms of use in the click through end user agreement, and access to these services may require user registration. Some optional online services will be subject to usage or other fees.




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